123 MOVIES / Quality – Comparison – Access Method – Watch Full HD Movies On 123MOVIES

123 MOVIES / Quality – Comparison – Access Method – Watch Full HD Movies On 123MOVIES

123Movies is a file streaming site, launched in 2015-2016. It allows access to numerous latest and trending movies. It is operating from Vietnam. It is providing free access to all of its content to all the visitors. According to studies it has about 98 million visitors each month. It has the title for world’s most famous site for movies.

123Movies offer users easy and efficient way to view films and Series shows users absolutely adore right of your own personal computer, laptop, windows phone, ipod touch or iPhone handset. Everything else you’ll have to perceive these online for free movies necessary a good internet connection. It’s that. There are different disciplines on our website, feature films by years, which is useful to filter your favorite movies or advanced search.

Users could also enjoy subtitled movies or select multiple ways from our streaming servers. There are still plenty of websites to view online for free movies. This online platform has the build- of 37,000+ movies that you can watch safely on your desktop, Televisions or any smartphone. It doesn’t need to watch online and it’s lawful when you’re using that anywhere, the most important part.


It includes every kind of film genres including Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Science fiction and non-fiction. It provides the latest movies on the go. You don’t have to pay any kind of charges to buy their subscriptions and the site is pretty easy to use. Most websites provide HD streaming to their premium customers and they ask for subscription to access to all the content on the site.

They allow everyone to visit their website but to see all of its content you have to register yourself and sometimes the ads are just showed to the customers who occasionally visit the site and are not registered. Same thing is with 123Movies as it provides access to both registered and new visitors. It includes HD, HD-RIP, Blu-ray and camera qualities of Movies. The video hosters and players include openload, streamango and Mycloud.


123Movies is compatible with all kinds of devices including smart phones, tablets and TV devices and you can watch the quality of the video that your device supports. It provides online streaming opportunity as well as downloading of its contents. You can watch the movies and shows with your families and friends provided you have a good internet connection. And you can enjoy the services whenever and wherever you want. Those days are gone when you have to by CDs to watch your favorite movies or shows. Now the world is a global village and you can enjoy everything on internet.



123Movies was much popular than you can think. In the period of about two years they gained the traffic to the website that no other website can get in such a short period. They recommended the movies to new visitors and took their interest by giving highest possible services that can be provided on such platform.

They increased their permanent visitors by allowing them to register themselves for free and enjoy as much shows as they want. One just has to enter the movie or show’s name they want to search and just enter the search button and there it was the whole number of movies by that name.

Such an easy task gained the public all around the world crossing the south-east-Asia to Asia to the Europe and all over the globe. You can imagine from the fact that even after the site is blocked it did not affect the traffic to the site and it is still working at its best and gaining visitor day by day.


The official designation of the site seemed to be 123Movies.to. It was being operated by many other names from different domains as GOmovies.to, GOmovies.is, gostream.is, memovies.to and 123movieshub.to because such movie sites which provide free access to movies are mostly illegally operating because the filmmakers who invest millions of Dollars in making of their movies do not allow such sites to distribute their movies for free so therefore the filmmakers have the copyrights by which they can claim any distribution of their movies without their permission.



Same thing happened to 123Movies back in March, 2017 when it was reported by TorrentFreak to the US ambassador to Vietnam. The ambassador talked to the local authorities about this website. It was operated by 11 different emails and most of them traced back to Can Tho University of medicine and pharmacy and in further investigation it was revealed that the site was technically hosted from Ukraine. But the authorities kept searching for the operator but the site took strict steps to hide the identity of the operator and the site used cyberlocks and cloudflare to hide the operator’s identity.


The Vietnamese authorities took some serious steps to investigate the site but the identity of the operator could not be found as the security measures of the web designers were very powerful and at last the site was ultimately shut down in 2018 by the Vietnamese Government. But it is reported that the site is still working via clone sites. Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) listed 123movies in its online notorious markets. It was one of the most popular illegal website for movies in the world.

Its popularity was the reason that it got banned as you grow in a field, the number of your enemies gets bigger and of course it was illegal to show the content of someone else on your site and these few reasons and a couple of others lead to its shutdown and Torrentfreak played the major role in reporting it to the authorities and came as competitive opponent in their downfall.


In 2018 Motion Pictures Association of America MPAA reported that 123Movies is still working through seven or eight new clone sites which are not accessible without Virtual Positioning Network.


The website is banned worldwide but it is available via cloned sites and copy sites. In this type of sites, the content from one site is placed into another site to make a copy of it so it becomes difficult to track and shutdown the original site. 123Movies has used the same technique to avoid the shutdown again and has created the clone sites to operate and now they ask to use VPN to access the access the site so the country’s internet supervisor cannot detect the site visit from the country.

So if you are searching for 123movies website, you can only find it using VPN, Which you can download from Playstore on android and AppStore on iOS devices. VPN (Virtual Positioning System) is actually a fake positioning system which changes your device’s IP address so the internet shows your position in any other country in any other region of the world so any website that is banned in one country can be viewed via VPN in the country.


123Movies is banned all over the world and the last notification they showed on their website was about to respect the filmmakers and buy the content they produce with their hard work and creativity and they said goodbye to their users and thanked the users for staying with them and supporting them for so long.


                   TorrentFreak also reported other similar sites as WatchAsap and all of them are shut down by FBI but are still operating through clone sites.

It was reported in August, 2019 that 123Movies still possess 9.26 million users in the US alone.


It is the bad luck of 123Movies that it was reported because numerous other websites for movie downloading are still operating and providing copyrighted movies for free.

A few examples are provided here:

  • Popcornflix
  • Crackle
  • Katmovieshd
  • Grabthebeast
  • Hindilinks4u

These sites are working all over the globe and are providing all kind of copyrighted or non-copy righted content and these sites are still working because these are not as famous as 123Movies and no VPN is required to access them and these websites have limited content and provide all of its content to the premium users but non registered users can also access them but they will have access to a limited amount of content.

Even these sites are not legal and are operating illegally but no one will take actions because no one cares until they compete them and these sites don’t have such popularity to gain attention of the authorities but we cannot deny the fact that they exist.


All of us want access to the latest movies for free and such sites gain their traffic to monetize their site and they earn money and we watch movies, both happy, but the third party here which is unwantedly targeted is the film director and the producer. They spend their time and money to bring life to a story and such illegal sites pirate their effort and use them for their own benefit.


Now a day people are purchasing the subscriptions of different movies and seasons providing websites to avoid unnecessary wait and searching on internet for different kind of stuff and to stay away from different kind of unwanted and annoying ads. These websites provide popular and trending movies on the go. These sites pay to the owner of the copyrights for movie.

Recently most of the sites are making their own films and TV shows due to which the filmmakers and producers are avoiding to direct or produce movies on their own and they mostly partnership with them in their programs and mostly work for them.

Another benefit of these sites is that they are giving chance to the new actors who are struggling for their carriers and making the standards of acting even more higher and eliminating the Nepotism from film industries of different countries. Now it is pretty clear that no one will have any kind of benefit on the basis of relationship in the industry, only those with extraordinary acting skills will thrive in such industry.

The thing is that people have become aware and appreciate good content and applaud the people who create it. That’s why the number of people buying these subscriptions are increasing day by day.

Some of these popular sites are listed below:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • SlingTV

These are just four of such sites and the number of these sites is increasing now and the legal video streaming business is growing day by day. In 2019 the video streaming market was estimated to worth 42.6 billion dollars.


Now to access 123Movies you first have to open your VPN and open the copy or clone site where you search for 123Movies and you will find the clone site and when you open the clone site you will find the link of the original site and when you click that link they will take you to the original site where you can watch whatever you want.


123Movies focuses on the needs and expectations of its users and provide ad free environment to the permanent visitors and registered users and like any other site it uses cookies to make the experience of the visitors even better by providing them with the content of their interests.

123Movies allows you to complain, criticize or suggest anything about any movie or the look of the site that can be beneficial for the site and you can also request any movies you want to watch and they will surely provide you better feedback. And will consider you suggestion if it is beneficial for the website or other users.


There are number of other websites for downloading movies but the reason we recommend 123Movies is because of their service and an ad free environment and the quality of the content they provide. That’s the reason it has become one of the most popular sites in movie streaming and downloading all over the world in such a short time.

If you use it you will surely become the fan of the site and none of the other site can give you the ease and satisfaction than this site.


If you are deciding to visit 123Movies, go ahead and at least visit it once and see by yourself why this site is banned and I assure you that after using it you will start loving it and no doubt it will become one of your favorite site for downloading movies and TV shows. So give it a try and visit 123Movies.to.

What are the 123Movies’ Right Legal Alternative options?

In that scenario, you are safe and you can peacefully watch your movie. Yes, you’ll have to spend some more on your amusement, at least it doesn’t cost you so much that if you go for a year-round movie with your family.

There are hundreds of legal movie sites available out there, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MX Players, and others, in addition to illegal or torrent sites.

In Early 2020 Is This Safe To Watch Movies On 123Movies:


For any third-party ads you see on the platform, the homepage is not responsible. It is at your discretion whether you would like to visit the website or not. There is the possibility of malware, viruses and other security risks. Each server may differ. You might even get data that is hacked or broken. There are far too many cookies and your PC can consistently slow down the use of the website.

It’s a dangerous and unpredictable website in general. You never know what you could find on this platform, which makes your device more threatening. Even if you are using an ad blocker or pop-up blocker, new windows could open without warning.

This Site Is Free Or Not?

The 123Movies service, which does not charge anything, is free to use. It includes a variety of third-party advertising campaigns, but all users need is a steady internet service. Throughout the site, you will see a lot of display ads and posters. A new window with a popup might open even when you stop for a moment or resume the stream. Certainly, they are irritating.


However, it is an excellent choice for you if you don’t want to spend countless bucks on movie streaming services and their subscriptions.

If you want more information about movies visit regularly our website En123.

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